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PPSSPP - PSP emulator

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A PSP emulator for Android which can emulate even the most demanding games

Henrik Rydgård |
updated on June 18, 2021


The app is completely free
Very simple to use and everything is ready as soon as you install the app
Many settings to tweak regarding graphics and audio quality or controls
There is a store of free games to try out


The control layout is quite difficult to use for more complex games
Audio and FPS issues follow you regularly
PPSSPP - PSP emulator
Price: $0.00
Emulators for Android enable you to run games from other platforms on your Android phone. Of course, your Android phone's characteristics should be better than the characteristics of the device you want to emulate, depending also on the game you want to run. Emulating PSP games on an Android phone is a popular choice so make sure you check out how to do so!

PPSSPP is an Android app used to emulate PSP games. Of course, it doesn't contain any games by itself and the only way to play them is to transfer PSP ROM files to your phone or to play some user-created games from the PPSSPP Homebrew Store. However, these games are not worthy of downloading the PPSSPP app.

Once you get your hands on PSP ROMs, simply transfer them to your phone and you can use the built-in file explorer to search for them. There is a virtual button layout which includes all buttons from the original PSP and it's quite easy to use it. Inside PPSSPP settings, you can move and resize all buttons. Some other emulators for Android need you to manually set up certain files and settings but PPSSPP can simply be installed and ready to use immediately.

The emulator can run most games with high performance even on lower-end Android phones. Audio can get choppy at times and FPS drops can occur but you can always tweak some settings which can resolve these issues. The main issue here is that Android phones were not designed for such games and playing can be difficult when you need to hold several buttons at the same time. Still, the emulator can't be blamed for that and using an external gamepad can definitely make the whole experience that much more genuine.
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